Debut EP and Online Concert Film

"INTO THE WORLD"  (March 2021)

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SAINTFIELD is a collaboration between life partners Ciara Adams and Ali Jafri. We are set to launch our debut EP and live concert film, INTO THE WORLD, in spring 2021. Our music juxtaposes elements of the feminine and masculine, light and dark, loud and quiet. Traditional and contemporary sounds are enriched by Celtic, operatic, South Asian, Middle Eastern, and post punk influences, resulting in a substantial sound that transcends genre.


All of our work is a reflection of our lived experience both as professional artists, members of their individual cultural families, and as parents of a blended, biracial and multicultural family. SAINTFIELD’s creative work reflects our belief in inclusion.

We feel compelled to represent a living example of diversity both aesthetically through our art and in our everyday lives.

To date, Saintfield has invited audiences into a world that is rich with visual storytelling and music. As a duo we are specifically interested in combining our experience to tell original stories using new media and music to create immersive worlds. 

In October 2020, SAINTFIELD recorded a concert film at The Music Gallery in Toronto Ontario, under the direction of

Adrian Smith of Grain Fed Films, this was made possible by a Canada Council Digital Originals grant and will be available to watch on a dedicated CBC website later this year. We are currently working on our first full length album, THE ARRIVAL set for release in 2022.


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