Neo-Classical Post-Punk
New Media Music Duo


IRISH MYTHOLOGY SAYS: She brings the fey into our lives to remind us of the unseen worlds and to awaken the child within each of us that dares to dream and wish.



SAINTFIELD is a collaboration between life partners Ciara Adams and Ali Jafri. The duo
performs regularly, and they are creating an original electro-operatic new media performance
entitled aRe yoU Experienced through their production company Saintfield Productions. This
project has been generously supported by the Ontario Arts Council.
Saintfield debuted in August 2018 at The Rivoli, and in the same month created and performed
an original score for the Summerworks production, Katimajuit with Inuit Throat singing duo,
The Sila Singers. The piece received an honourable mention for the Buddies in Badtimes
vanguard award for risk/innovation. This was swiftly followed by a successful show at The
Toronto Media Arts Centre (TMAC) opening for Scottish electronic artist Ruby in September 2018. Saintfield headlined at The Painted Lady in May 2019 and recently performed
at the FIVARS (Festival of Virtual and Augmented Reality Stories) in Toronto at TMAC in
September 2019. Saintfield Productions will debut their first version of aRe yoU Experienced at
TMAC on Dec. 7 th 2019, and Saintfield plans to release their debut EP in early 2020. The
pending debut EP, is a collection of songs and music with beautifully juxtaposed elements of the
feminine and masculine, light and dark, soft and harsh, loud and quiet, old and new wrapped in
Celtic, Contemporary, South Asian and Middle Eastern flavours. A true reflection of the couple
behind the music, rhythms and lyrics.

Stay tuned...

A radio show hosted by Ali  Jafri



3pm EST, Jan 10, 2021  Ali Jafri will appear on


"Quarantine Concerts" hosted by Gaelynn Lea.

There will be a partial sneak peek at


Saintfield's latest material,  a Canada Council for


the Arts  "Digital Originals" performance film live at


the Music Gallery plus some amazing




Tune in here

Details here


Dec 7th, 2019: Debut Phase 1 of the original electro-operatic new media performance piece "Are You Experienced?" at TMAC (Toronto Media Arts Centre, 32 Lisgar St) at  7pm. with special guest Eleanor Espiritu! (FREE by invitation only. Contact us if you'd like to attend: saintfieldproductions[at]gmail)

Sept 15th, 2019: FIVARS at TMAC (Toronto Media Arts Centre, 32 Lisgar St)

Details here!

May 30th, 2019: The Painted Lady (Toronto) with Sedated Tigers for Julie Seddon's Birthday! Details here!


Sept 14th: TMAC (Toronto Media Arts Centre) Supporting RUBY! Details here!

Aug 17-19th: In "KATIMAJUIT" with Sila Singers (Inuit Throat Singers) at The Theatre Centre for Summer Works! 

Aug 15th: The Rivoli with INDARRA and AUTUMN (USA)


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